June 12, 2021

Saints Edward Media

For Peace and Order

Michael Sisco Launches A Traditionalist News Page, Saints Edward Media

Michael Sisco

From podcasting, to persuasive essays, to campaigning, one could say that I have gotten around quite a bit on the political scene. The impetus behind all that I have done in my public life, has always been a pursuit of truth. A society with truth as its foundation, is one with more order and more peace. Sadly, the mainstream media today continues to foment chaos. Fortunately for us, this is apparent to the general public for whom the media has lost all credibility. 

As an Orthodox Christian, a nationalist, and traditionalist, launching this site is a crucial step in creating a parallel media power structure. This will be an organization that is not vehemently anti-Christan, but rather one that brings positive coverage to traditional family values and culture. The destruction of Christian culture in America and The West, will be covered extensively, and lamented. Yes, we have a heavy bias towards eternal and absolute truth. 

Yes, we don’t pretend to be a mere presentation of basic facts. However, we will be diligent in our efforts to present the truth. Our journalists will do their due diligence to verify data and sources as much as can be reasonably expected. Our assessments of others will be fair, based on the facts, and not useless smears.  It is my hope that Saints Edward Media may help bring us one step closer to a society based on truth, order, and peace. While we do have some great writers and journalists ready to contribute to our mission, we would be happy to consider you as well. Experience as a journalist is not necessary, but strong writing ability is a must. If you are interested please email SaintsEdward@protonmail.com

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