May 8, 2021

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President Trump’s Immigration Moratorium Falls Short

US Homeland Security Citizen and Immigration Services Flyer Closeup.

With President Trump’s Twitter announcement of a full moratorium on legal immigration into the United States, Monday night was a night to remember; most especially for the America First crowd. America First activists such as Pete D’Abrosca, Michelle Malkin, and Nicholas Fuentes have been advocating tirelessly for a moratorium on legal immigration for years now. For them, and the various America First Candidates across the country, the night felt like vindication.

The excitement was short lived. As reported on Tucker Carlson’s opening segment on Fox News, the Executive Order is not as comprehensive as initially expected. According to reports, the order will last for 60 days and will only prohibit entry to those seeking permanent residence. As Tucker stated, “you know, the ones who actually want to become American.” The order still allows temporary worker visas, such as H1A, H1B.

This is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t address the most crucial issues during an economic downturn. Temporary worker visas are the most troublesome and the most damaging to American Labor. Thousands of high skilled American workers, especially in the IT field, are replaced by foreign workers at substantially lower salaries. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, millions of qualified STEM Americans are bypassed or terminated in favor of guest workers. In most cases, these workers are less skilled than the Americans that they are replacing.

A PBS documentary, Zero Tolerance, from 2019 accurately described the dynamics of control in President Trump’s administration. There appears to be a power struggle between the two camps among President Trump’s advisors, Stephen Miller the immigration hawk, and Jared Kushner the globalist. All too often it seems that President Trump puts too much stock in Jared’s advice. Rumors abound, but it has not yet been confirmed, that Jared Kushner is responsible for intervening and moderating the President’s Executive Order. 

According to a recent USA Today Poll, 80% of Americans support a total ban on immigration. 

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