May 8, 2021

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Planned Parenthood Continues to Put Profits From Abortions Ahead of Public Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic illustrated on night world map. COVID-19 infection concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

When states began announcing  “lock-down” measures in response to Covid-19 in March, placing an unprecedented hold on state and local economies and restricting free travel from place to place, citizens around the country, and indeed, around the world were struck with terror when early models produced by Imperial College London revealed that over 2 million Americans could die from the virus without immediate and aggressive action. 

Mainstream Media coverage- some of which has since been proven to be fake- showed the digging of mass graves and footage of over-run hospitals abroad, in an effort to strike terror into the hearts of any American that may have any doubt about the potential disaster that awaits us. 

In an effort to “slow the spread”, and “flatten the curve”, so as not to over-burden our healthcare system, Americans across the country have submitted themselves to Governors’ Executive Orders, whether in stride or in peril, to practice social distancing and abide by mandatory mask requirements. 

Nearly 26.5 million people to date have filed for unemployment, and hospitals have closed their doors to patients in need of preventative care, or surgery, in order to make room for the anticipated surge of Covid-19 patients.

Field hospitals were built in a matter of weeks, only to now be deconstructed. Navy hospital ships were sent to some of the nation’s “epicenters” in New York and Los Angeles, only to set sail again. 

Facebook and Apple donated over 10 million N95 masks between the two of them. And an unprecedented governmental/private sector collaboration was instituted to provide even more PPE for healthcare workers. 

Citizens across the country continue to come to the aid of nurses and doctors by sewing homemade masks- many in cheerful prints, crafted with love and concern. 

We can officially declare- on everyone’s behalf- sacrifices have been made. We have all lost something in this. Some of us have lost everything. If we’re lucky, or simply choosing to walk in faith, rather than fear- many of us may even say we have gained something from this time. Perhaps it is more quality time with our children, more time to pursue hobbies or home improvement projects, or maybe we have strengthened and grown in our relationship with God, despite even the closure of churches. Some of us may even be getting to know Him for the first time. 

Regardless of our individual situations, our collective experience has been one of sacrifice. There are few institutions which have been blatantly non-compliant, and unwilling to contribute to the mission we have been advised is one of grave global importance.

Planned Parenthood is one of these institutions. 

Christopher Anderson, a candidate for City Councilman in Baltimore City’s 7th district, who has been a faithful servant on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood during our lockdown, raised serious concerns this week that Planned Parenthood may be bringing women from New York into Baltimore in order to have an abortion. He reports that none of the women he has seen pull up to Planned Parenthood in cars marked with New York license plates were wearing a mask. 

Why would New York be sending women to Baltimore for abortions?

In addition to New York, Planned Parenthood locations having furloughed many of their employees after shutting down amid Covid-19, a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in March refused to uphold President Trump’s ban on federally funded family planning clinics referring for abortion. This decision applies only to Maryland specifically, and in effect, situates Maryland as the only exception in the country to this restriction. 

The Maryland Department of Health website currently states that in response to Governor Larry Hogan’s Executive Order on March 16th,  “All elective and non-urgent medical procedures and appointments shall cease effective at 5 p.m, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 and shall not be performed for the duration of the catastrophic health emergency.” Additionally, Hogan’s Executive Order also includes travel restrictions that state that any person traveling from New York into Maryland is required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Nevertheless, Planned Parenthood has remained open, believing that their abortion services are “essential”. Unsurprisingly, their challenge of the Executive Order has gone uncorrected and altogether unaddressed by the Health Department and the Governor alike, despite pro-life citizens’ efforts to urge enforcement of the Governor’s order upon them at this time, and despite the shortages of PPE for essential healthcare workers.

Many Marylanders are not only weary about the virus, but they are also growing weary of the ever- increasing restrictions imposed on a population that is suffering from economic calamity and which was already dealing with deep poverty in parts of Baltimore. Deteriorating mental health naturally accompanies such stringent curtailments on social interaction and is another growing concern. Many are questioning the necessity of such actions, and are considering the possibility that this emergency may be being used as an excuse to undermine our Constitutional rights to some unknown ends. 

“Reopen Maryland” is just one of many state protests popping up around the country that aim to draw attention to the detrimental effects these prolonged shut downs pose to the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of all Americans. 

Yet, Maryland citizens who dare to exercise their rights to assemble are being met with hostility and threats by the Governor. Fines and jail-time are in order, in the ordinary citizen’s case.

Is Planned Parenthood not only immune to the requirements of every other person and institution to adhere to the collective efforts to save lives, but also immune to the equal enforcement of the state’s own (unconstitutional) Executive Orders, which still are asserted to be for public safety?

Maryland and other states routinely look the other way when it comes to health code violations in abortion clinics- which are common. Time after time, they are hit with a slap on the wrist, if anything at all, and then soon after are back to their old tricks. 

In this unprecedented time in human history, our express purpose- we’re told- is to ensure the safety of each person on earth, by slowing the spread of a deadly virus. Yet, time after time, Maryland and other states routinely look the other way when it comes to health code violations in abortion clinics- which are common. Abortion advocates look the other way when confronted with the reality that Planned Parenthood serves ONE purpose– the state-sanctioned killing of thousands of children each and every year.

Planned Parenthood is the antithesis of the service to our nation that each citizen is paying right now–allegedly, to save lives. No, its express purpose is to ensure the profits from the deaths of children in the womb (and some out!)

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