June 12, 2021

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U.S. Senate Candidate Jessica Scarane Endorsed By Fake Organization

Wilmington, DE – A “group” that calls itself American Progressives in STEM have endorsed Delaware candidate for U.S. Senate, Jessica Scarane, who is challenging Senator Chris Coons in the Democratic Primary.


The American Progressives in STEM presents itself as a group, but there is zero evidence that it is anything but just some guy that made a website, a Twitter profile, and a TikTok. It even says on its page, “Our goal is to try and unite progressive STEM workers and students that typically enter conservative fields…” “Eventually we’d like to turn into a membership based non-profit…” In other words, some guy that made a website wants to organize STEM workers into an advocacy group that promotes its own replacement by globalists.

It certainly seems a little odd, that the group of American High Skilled workers who suffer the most from foreign labor replacement, would organize to advocate for more of the same. As can be seen on the groups page, they advocate for open borders, and declare Bernie Sanders as their hero. Bernie Sanders acknowledged for years that mass immigration into the United States was harmful for American Workers, but changed his tune when President Trump became the Republican Party nominee sometime in 2015.

A quick glance at Jessica Scarane’s issues page indicates that she is no better when it comes to immigration. She wants to expand refugee programs, support DACA, and abolish ICE. Considering Jessica’s response when asked, I think it is safe to assume that she would not support restricting work visa programs such as H1B. According to her aid, “Ms. Scarane believes in protecting American workers and jobs while also expanding protections for workers internationally and doesn’t believe those two goals are mutually exclusive.” Thousands of now unemployed American STEM workers do think so. Considering the following tweet in which she states that “Corporate greed is killing people…” it is quite ironic that she would support a policy designed specifically to increase corporate profit at the expense of high skilled American workers.


None of this is shocking when you consider just how incoherent Scarane’s plan is, just like most of her Cultural Marxist Green New Deal comrades. Free healthcare, and free college sounds great on the surface, but how sustainable could that possibly be when you’re offering it to anyone in the world so long as they can travel across our open borders? The endgame seems to be some sort of globalized socialism, with the American government and its controlled means of production as the global hub. How many cultures will perish in favor of one global government with free stuff?

Aside from Jessica Scarane’s lofty ideological utopia, her anti fossil fuel policies would destroy the trade unions in Delaware. Her Green New Deal comrade, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently celebrated the job losses caused by oil industry struggles. This is not a winning strategy in the Union stronghold of northern Delaware.

The push for a $15 minimum wage, with inflation adjustments would also compromise private sector union’s ability to engage in collective bargaining. Hey, at least the unions and the replaced STEM workers can always count on some $15 an hour job as the migrants of the world flock to the United States for free healthcare and free college, right?

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