June 12, 2021

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We Must Pause Immigration to Rebuild Our Culture

The city of Matera, in the province of Basilicata, Italy, 2019 European Capital of Culture. (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Cathedral, 13th century

Those familiar with my previous work, both on YouTube, and my podcast entitled, Hearth & Fire, may have noticed a pivot as far as political involvement within the framework of the American Republic. It is true that I have argued for the Byzantine Ideal, and the historical effectiveness of Monarchy in general over the various forms of Popular Government. I even embraced a modern reactionary concept known as “passivism,” which essentially disavowed any form of political activism. The line between what constituted activism, has frankly never been clear. I was playing what I believed to be a long game, a plan to restore stability and order to our nation; to create a system that makes more sense. While I still believe in the Byzantine Ideal and am still highly critical of our system of government, the reality of the situation has suddenly struck me. If mass immigration into our country, legal or otherwise isn’t severely restricted, our country will be turned into an anti-Christian communist trash heap with no hope for restoration within a century. Michelle Malkin, in her book, Open Borders Inc. makes it clear that if the situation isn’t mitigated now, by 2045 it will be too late. This realization is what has drawn me into the America First movement.

            Our nation is committing suicide in more ways than one. The mid 1960s really jump started a movement that paired feminism to sexual liberation and consequently, abortion. According to Pat Buchanan’s book, The Death of the West, within 15 years, abortions jumped from roughly 6,000 a year, to over a million. The native population began prioritizing comfort and career over child rearing. Consequently, there was a substantial drop in birthrates. And of course, in a culture that prioritizes economic prosperity above all, something had to be done to replace the labor force that is either being murdered prior to birth, or not being conceived at all. In fact, the numbers nearly coincide perfectly. According to all.org, and most other reputable pro-life organizations, roughly 1 million unborn babies are killed every year in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 1 million legal immigrants enter the United States per year. And don’t forget about the half a million that enter illegally, I suppose they help with the population never conceived due to birth control. These figures are of course, by no means coincidental.

            For the elites who benefit from the perpetual influx of labor from foreign lands, lies must be perpetuated to keep the masses in stride. We are told that diversity is our strength, and that migrants bring us enrichment. According to Pew Research Center, most migrants, legal or otherwise, flock to major metropolitans. 65% go to three, Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles. This really begs a few questions that most people just aren’t even comfortable addressing, especially in the mainstream Conservative movement. Why are major U.S. cities more prone to higher crime rates, in comparison to their Sub Urban and rural counterparts? A statistic that isn’t measured by local municipalities when a citizen is arrested, is country of origin. Thus, accurate statistics are lacking. But it isn’t rocket science here. Our hubs of diversity are our most violent and dangerous places. Where are these people coming from? Why aren’t they assimilating? For the legal migrants here, does the culture and society that they come from have any impact on their ability to assimilate? If so, should country of origin play a factor in the vetting process? Illegal immigrants, do we even need to ask? According to Heritage.org, non-Citizens account for 24% of all federal drug arrests, 25% of all federal property arrests, and 28% of all federal fraud arrests. Those numbers are incredibly disproportionate to their population size here. Send them all back.

            And finally, a point well made by my friend, Nicholas J. Fuentes. The mass influx of legal migrants that we bring in to our country, are an electoral death punch to Conservatives. I’d take this one step further and say that it’s accelerating the end of traditional values and even the freedom of Traditional Christians to stand fast to their uncompromising faith. Immigrants are being lured here primarily for one thing, economic prosperity. Also known as, “The American Dream.” In other words, we are bringing people here, who prioritize money, and materialism, over the well being of their own nation and people. They come here not to enrich our culture, but to increase their individual financial lot. Of course, individualist minded people, are going to vote their values, which will always be leftist entitlements. And big business Republicans will continue to support their migration here, selling out the future, for short term cheap labor and increased profit. Immigration is nothing short of an electoral strategy for the left, that will bring about some variation of communism, and perpetuates anti-Christian policies, most obvious of which is the LGBTQ agenda, and abortion.

            Our individualist culture is not sustainable, but right now our culture is still salvageable. Immigration is a cheap band aid used as an economic fix, for our own self-inflicted wounds of low birth rates and abortion. Multi-multiculturalism does not enrich us, but rather when forced upon us excessively reduces quality of life and leads to violence. The people we are allowing into our country are voting for socialism, abortion, the LGBTQ agenda, and other various anti-Christian policies. The question is, how do we fix this? Well, we can’t simultaneously restore our culture, while importing other cultures on a massive scale. The first and most immediate step, is to place a full moratorium on all immigration, secure the borders, and deport all illegal immigrants. Second, we must build a unified vision and culture. This culture should be a return to the traditions upon which all healthy societies were built, with the nuclear family at its core. As it stands now, we don’t currently offer migrants anything to conform and assimilate to. Once we have a unified traditional culture established, we may consider inviting others from compatible cultures to participate again.

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