June 12, 2021

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Representative Paul Gosar Promotes Hungary’s Pro-Family Policies With Tweet

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Prescott, AZ – In our political climate, taking actual conservative positions beyond mere “fiscal conservatism” puts one in a position to be bullied by the outrage mob and smeared with various labels. No need to list them all here, since they have been exhausted as of late. For most of the general populace, the usual smears have become meaningless. However, few politicians have displayed the political courage to embrace true conservatism and even Nationalism. Representative Paul Gosar of Presscott, Arizona has, and in spectacular fashion. 

Just yesterday, Rep. Gosar retweeted a status touting the success of Hungary’s pro-family policies. 

Considering that 60 minutes recently devoted an entire segment trashing these policies as some sort of draconian act of barbarism, this is quite an incredible move. God forbid European people start having more children in their own country again. Anyhow, the facts are the facts. Population has been in decline in Hungary since 1981, but thanks to their pro-family policies birth rates over the past year are up by 9.4%. Hungary has decided that it would prefer to avoid the disruption often caused by mass immigration and increase its population via birth rate instead. 

It seems that Rep. Paul Gosar is on board with this idea as well, and God bless him for it. He also endorsed Jarome Bell who is running for the U.S. House in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional district. Mr. Bell calls for a 10 year moratorium on all immigration, netting at zero. That means that as people migrate out of the United States, they will be replaced by foreign immigrants on a merit based system. Such a plan would reduce legal immigration from roughly 1.1 million people per year, to about 250,000. 

Civil libertarians and the Tea Party types might decry government involvement in such things, but we may as well leverage the big government that we have towards the common good. It is clear that people respond to incentives. For decades the United States has been incentivising the breakdown of the nuclear family. One small example is Medicaid. A single woman with child making less than $15,000 per year would qualify, but if she were to marry a man making the same amount they would both lose benefits. Hungary on the other hand has waived all income tax for married women with four or more children, partially written off mortgages for couples after their second child, and granted grand parental leave. 

The United States current birth rate is roughly 1.7 children per woman. That is below replacement levels, which is what necessitates bringing in over a million immigrants per year to keep big business happy. Perhaps if we stopped murdering an equal amount of unborn babies per year, we wouldn’t need to. 

Correction: Jarome Bell supports a total ban on Immigration for 10 years, and a permanent ban on guest visa and refugee resettlement programs.

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