June 12, 2021

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China Wants Bobby Schilling Back in Congress

Le Claire, IA – The People’s Republic of China is most likely very excited at the prospect of having Bobby Schilling back in the United States House of Representatives, who is now running for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. It is no small thing for a foreign power to have such a loyal agent keeping a pulse on their own interest. Bobby Schilling voted on three separate occasions for free trade deals that led to the offshoring of American jobs-including jobs from his own district while serving in Illinois’ 17th Congressional district. When he was finished enacting China friendly legislation, he then started an “Economic development consulting firm,” that facilitated foreign investment into the United States, primarily from the People’s Republic of China. 

Bobby Schilling facilitating Chinese investment in the United States.

Bobby Schilling frequently cites redistricting as the reason he was defeated by Cheri Bustos. More likely, it was because his district was tired of him putting America Last. Imagine being out America First’d by a Democrat. As shocking as it may sound, that is exactly what Rep. Cheri Bustos did, appealing to the working class and drilling Bobby Schilling on his record of offshoring. Yes, Rep. Cheri Bustos’ social positions are despicable, especially on abortion, but of course, people aren’t going to knowingly vote themselves out of their own jobs and livelihoods. A fundraising email that ended up in John Podesta’s leaked emails from Cheri Bustos, told a story of when Mr. Tom Gaulrapp attempted to bring the offshoring issue to Bobby’s attention in a private meeting, but Bobby refused to meet or even take petitions. At the time, Sensata had made plans to move their jobs to China. As Tom informed us, “the petition drive was to encourage Sensata not to offshore their jobs to China…we were having a rally to show support for our employees, and we asked him to make an appearance at the rally. He sent one of his sons up as a representative, and he didn’t want to say anything at all. So we reached out to them again, and got no response from them.”

Tom and other employees later confronted Congressman Schilling while receiving an award from the Stephenson County Farm Bureau. There they would ask him if he would “support penalties for companies that commit offshoring.” Reportedly, Mr. Schilling refused to answer the  question, but his son angrily stated, “no he wouldn’t.” According to Mr. Gaulrapp, “even when running for office again, Bobby refused to ever talk about the issue.” One interesting fact to note, is that the Chinese government gave a plant to Sensata to bring their manufacturing jobs to their country. Nobody should be shocked that he was endorsed by fellow globalist, Mitt Romney, whose company Bain Capital also put thousands of Americans out of work by offshoring jobs overseas. 

When Congressman Schilling was out of office, or running for re-election by trying to convince people that replacing their jobs with foreign work visas and offshoring is actually a good thing for them, he started a consulting firm, Saint-GS LLC Immigration Consulting. The sole purpose of this company was to facilitate foreign investments into the United States. Who was Bobby’s primary client? Chinese Companies! According to The People’s Republic of China’s constitution, businesses in China adhere to the concept of military fusion. In other words there is no such thing as a private sector in China, they are all part of the Chinese Communist Military. 

Bobby Schilling knew this when he orchestrated a deal to bring the Chinese glass company, Fuyao, to Ohio. As you might expect, The Chinese Communist Military glass company did not place its American Workers well being very high on its list of priorities. Reportedly, the Fuyao workplace is extremely high pressure, and productivity takes a clear priority above workplace safety. This atmosphere was so rampant, that it became fatal in 2018, killing one of their workers who resided in Dayton, Ohio. In 2019, the company was fined $724,000 for workplace safety violations, and as recently as February, was still under federal investigation. Clearly, the Fuyao Glass company displays as much care for American lives as did its government when it failed to warn America about the truth of COVID-19. 

Considering Bobby Schilling’s history with Free Trade that allows for offshoring, temporary work visas, and facilitations of foreign investments on American soil, his response last December to the Immigration Forum in Bettendorf, IA makes a lot more sense. Bobby Schilling threw his fellow conservatives under the bus, and even fired a staffer when pressured by far-left George Soros-backed organizations. These organizations, such as Antifa and Bend the Arc, while they present themselves as advocacy organizations for progressive causes, can all be linked to The People’s Republic of China. They have the same boss as Bobby Schilling. Bought and paid for by China. The communist globalist socialists, and “free trade” globalists like Bobby, will always oppose the America First agenda. The last thing they want is manufacturing repatriated back to the United States, or temporary work visas such as H1B’s abolished so that high-skilled American workers can get back to work at fair wages to support their families. This agenda cuts into the elite globalists’ bottom line. 

When we reached out to Bobby Schilling for comment to see if he has since had a change of heart, or regrets his support for offshoring, he admitted to supporting them before going into a fit of rage. He stated that we have “too much backstory,” and that we must be working for his opponent. Bobby Schilling, when confronted on a tough issue, or is put in a difficult position, frequently resorts to accusing people of being plants. It is clear that Bobby Schilling is a bonafide globalist, bought and sold by China and will smear any and all America First efforts to restrict legal immigration to protect American workers as racist, white supremacist, and maybe even anti-semitic. The same talking points used by highly partisan far left groups like Antifa, People for the American Way, Bend the Arc, and the SPLC. The big question is, does Iowa’s 2nd Congressional district even have an America First option? Will Bobby’s primary opponent, Marriannette Miller-Meeks, commit to putting Americans First by extending President Trump’s immigration moratorium indefinitely and modify it to include temporary visa programs and end all offshoring? 

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