June 12, 2021

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Open Delaware Rallies Held in Wilmington And Dover

Protest in Wilmington, DE

Wilmington, DE –  Two reopen Delaware rallies were held today, one in Dover with roughly 1,500 attendees, the other in Wilmington with about 100 attendees. The attendees were protesting the overreach of Delaware Governor’s emergency orders, which restrict gatherings of 10 or more people, and closing “non-essential” businesses. Governor Carney’s office has never offered detailed answers as to what criteria went into determining what is “essential.” Delaware’s economy is largely dependent on seasonal tourism, dine in restaurants and bars- which are currently closed. 

Roughly 6 weeks ago when the stay at home orders went into effect, masks were discouraged by the general populace. This past Tuesday at 8am, Governor Carney updated the order to make masks mandatory in public. Masks effectiveness were questioned by the CDC, but have often been used in Asia to slow the spread of various outbreaks. Masks may be more effective in slowing the spread than stay at home orders. 

The population of Delaware is approximated to be 973,764, yet the state is shut down for 159 COVID19 deaths. Only 22,585 people have been tested in the State, with 4,918 confirmed cases. Of those cases, 1,403 have recovered. There have only been 281 hospitalizations. According to recent studies by The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, given the preponderance of asymptomatic cases, the fatality rate is most likely well below 0.5%.

The early response given the unknown nature of the virus, were reasonable and potentially justified. With the numbers in, and more testing readily available, the extreme measures by State governments are open to more questions. Over the past 6 weeks, over 80,000 Delaware residents filed for unemployment. There are still thousands that haven’t been able to have their requests filed. For perspective, that means that at least 8% of the State population has become unemployed since the beginning of the stay at home order-which means that the total rate is most likely near 12% total. Delaware’s economy is largely dependent on seasonal tourism, which amplifies the economic impact of restaurant and bar closures. Many closed businesses will never reopen, and thousands will have no jobs to return to.

The Delaware Division of Public Health’s director is quoted in Delaware Online as stating that Delaware cannot fully reopen until there is an effective treatment and vaccine, which could take more than a year. The people of Delaware will obviously comply without resistance and happily mail in their votes this November. 

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