May 8, 2021

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Nick Fuentes’ New Website Defies Censorship Efforts

At midnight last night, esteemed host of America First, Nicholas J. Fuentes launched his new website, which now has every show he has ever made in an archive which can be seen for $5 a month.

“My brand new website is launching tonight at midnight” Fuentes said on his show Monday. “The new and improved is ready to go” Nick stated.

Currently, the website consists of an archive of all his past content, from shows, to interviews, to gaming streams. Additionally, Fuentes says that the website will also eventually include a live-stream function, where you can watch and donate to a number of America First content creators.

The website comes as real America First Conservatives continue to be censored on big tech platforms, the latest example being Fuentes’s banning by YouTube at the behest of partisan watchdog groups like the ADL and SPLC.

On Scott Greer’s ‘Highly Respected’ podcast last week, Fuentes said that while alternative platforms are not the best long term solution, they are the best option we have at this time until there is federal intervention.

Fuentes has said that the release of the website has made him ‘very optimistic’. You can find Nick and all of his content on Dlive and his website.

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