April 22, 2021

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Right Wing Watch is an Anti-Christian Smear Peddler

Due to my traditionalist Orthodox Christian views, and my involvement in politics, I often come under the assault of smear campaigns from both the left, and the secular establishment on the right. The smears don’t bother me personally, but for many these types of attacks can be life-changing and traumatic. The far-left understands Christian sensibilities, and seeks to manipulate Christians with guilt. They know that the Christian believes that salvation through Christ transcends race, and human dignity is firmly rooted in being created in the image & likeness of God. In our fallen world we are striving to restore the likeness of God, and the enemy seeks to hinder that effort with division. Racial politics is part of that, even those movements that present themselves as fighting for racial justice. The same is also true of groups such as Right Wing Watch, who claim to monitor and report on dangerous far-right groups and individuals. They do in fact cover radical groups that deserve to be marginalized and scorned, but such groups are not their real targets.

One need not dig too deeply to find the true purpose of Right Wing Watch. Right Wing is Watch is a project of People for the American Way, sounds Patriotic right? The People for the American Way is a far-left Progressive group that was founded by Television producer Norman Lear, whose goal in creating the group was to counter the societal influence of socially conservative Christians. Evidence for this can be found easily on the highly credible academic resource Wikipedia. Frankly, they have been quite successful, such as when Jason & David Benham lost their opportunity to host a show on HGTV for their Christian views on marriage and the humanity of unborn children. It’s no coincidence that the largest donor to their organization is George Soros’ Open Society Institute, which has launched a global assault against Christianity in pursuit of his Secular Socialist New World Order. Among other groups that he funds is Black Lives Matter, which recently called for the destruction of statues of Christ as “symbols of white supremacy.” The left often reveals the real target of their stated goals — Christianity — under the guise of fighting systematic racism. The mainstream media always provides cover for them, obscuring the agenda from the general public.
Such a ruse requires the use of professional agents of deception, such as Right Wing Watch’s own Jared Holt. He does cover some legitimate far-right extremist groups, which may or may not be federal plants or simply socially-maladjusted people. However, he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to cover Evangelical or normal conservatives describing them with the same rhetoric. One would think that most rational people would see through this, and perhaps they do, but out of fear, act differently. Mainstream Politicians and pundits will often disassociate with other conservatives who have been subject to the smears. They cave to cancel culture. Other so called “conservatives” will take the stories and utilize them towards their own political aspirations, perhaps in a primary. This creates a dynamic of dissent on the right, and a culture of in-fighting that resembles a battle between the “real conservatives” and the “Conservative Inc.” In a certain sense this is true. How conservative are you if your strategy is to appease the left to stay relevant? Either way, people like Jared Holt look on with glee, mocking Conservatives as they battle over what is worth conserving. Commitment to eternal truth and principles becomes a far-right extreme position.

And so we have allowed dishonest “journalists”, who entirely lack credibility, to dictate what is acceptable in the mainstream conservative movement. Fortunately, the credibility issues are becoming more apparent, such as when Mr. Holt completely fabricated an interview with Cassandra Fairbanks’ neighbors. While Jared Holt is quick to characterize right wing groups as violent, he provides cover for and downplays violent leftist groups such as Antifa. Antifa is an Anarcho-Communist group that was evidently too radical for Karl Marx himself, who kicked their early adherents out of The International. Holt can actually be seen standing proudly in support of Antifa in the following video, with hammer & sickles displayed proudly behind him.
Considering how destructive and deadly Communism was in the 20th century, it is shocking that so many in America approve of it. It is even more shocking that the mainstream right would go out of its way to appease them, or buy into their race-baiting tactics. The old economic class warfare rhetoric has been reframed into more modern versions of anti-“oppressor” rhetoric. It certainly feels like 1917 Russia here, which led to slaughter of Christians and suppression of the Church. Those who sought to protect the Churches were shot, will the same happen to us? 

When Christians in the United States point out the obvious signs of progression towards severe persecution, Jared Holt mocks them, calling it a “complex.” Clearly, Christians are thought to be incapable of recognizing historical patterns and seeing where this is going. While there certainly are real instances of right wing extremism, the only purpose they are used by the left is to attack Conservative Christians. Whereas the far-left atheists have seized complete control of mainstream liberal politics. Whether it be in the old 20th century form of Marxism, or some form of progressive Anarchy, the Atheist left is back and they are coming for the Christians. Physical violence is already happening, and increasing at a dramatic pace. Smear merchants, such as Right Wing Watch, are encouraging and justifying it. The mainstream liberal media is ignoring it. The real question going forward is: how do we handle this Anti-Christian revolution differently than early 20th Century Russia did? How can we avoid 70 years of suffering under the Atheist State? One thing is clear, GOP leadership, as it currently stands, will not save us.

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