April 22, 2021

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Mike Dunn & The Virginia Knights Instigated the BLM & Propertarian Confrontation

19 year old, Mike Dunn, who hasn't held a job for longer than a year but, "paid for these streets."


In what initially seemed to be a misunderstanding, it turns out that Mike Dunn, the 19 year old leader of the Virginia Knights agitated the local BLM 757 group into confronting the Propertarians’ at the 2A rally. During Curt Doolittle’s speech, the majority of rally attendees, Propertarians, were gathered in front of the Court House to hear Curt Doolittle’s fiery speech, leaving the Boogaloo Boys feeling left out. In the beginning of the following video footage, Mike Dunn can be seen accusing the Propertarian’s of racist rhetoric directly to the BLM members. 


It goes without saying that Curt Doolittle’s speech was not racist in nature, unless you consider references to Western Civilization as such. Nevertheless the Boogaloo Boys and Black Lives Matter confront the Propertarians and interrupt Curt’s speech with chants of “White Supremacy Sucks.” Curt Doolittle continued his speech, having only paused briefly during the chaos. After a few minutes Black Lives Matter and the Boogaloo boys seemed confused that they weren’t responded to with equal hostility, and tempers died down. Order was restored in a matter of minutes with no violence. 

Japhari Jones shouts at Propertarians. White Supremacy crushed.


The BLM members actually listened to the remaining 10 minutes of Curt’s speech, again seeming somewhat perplexed. Afterwards the chapter leader, Japhari Jones, approached Curt Doolittle, who used some flattery to calm tensions and introduce Propertarian ideas. In what would turn out to be a controversial decision by valiant keyboard warriors who did not attend the event, Curt allowed Mr. Jones to address the crowd, with the organizers, Mike Dunn’s megaphone. To the relief of most in attendance, the event ended without violence or further conflict. 

Japhari Jones being “the change today.”


Evidently at one point there were some agitators in the crowd who were ironically heckling racist statements in what they perceived as humor. They were asked by the Propertarians not to do so, and voluntarily left the event. It seems doubtful that these are the people that Mike Dunn were referring to, if so perhaps the better course of action would have been to approach Propertarian leadership before instigating with Black Lives Matter at an event in which everyone was heavily armed. Mike Dunn also claimed to have been fired from his job as a Corrections officer for his political beliefs, however most uniformed services hold policies against publicly expressing political views.

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