August 13, 2020

Saints Edward Media

For Peace and Order

Statecraft Forum Announced for November 7th in Pittsburgh

No matter the outcome of the Presidential elections on November 3rd, the Right will need to come to grips with either a new President, or moving beyond a final term for President Donald J. Trump. The Right has been riddled with infighting, both driven by personality conflict and differences in vision. The Left is far better organized and better funded. Without cohesion, unity in core principles, and at least mutual respect, the Right is bound to fail — the purpose of this event is to change that. 

The State Craft Forum will take place on Saturday, November 7th, in Pittsburgh, PA. It seeks to bring together thought leaders from various spheres and factions on the Right, many of whom have been marginalized by the mainstream. Confirmed to speak already are Dr. E. Michael Jones from Culture Wars Magazine, and Eli Harman representing the Propertarians. More speakers, from various movements including America First, to be announced shortly. 

The event will be very private. All attendees must be vouched for by a speaker or organizer. Follow the instructions on the flyer for further reservation details. Venue address will be provided to all attendees the day of the event. No media inquiries or attendance is permitted. 

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