June 12, 2021

Saints Edward Media

For Peace and Order

It is becoming very difficult to ignore. With each passing year the efforts to push cultural marxist narratives becomes increasingly brazen in their open advocacy of degeneracy. It has become so prevalent that when we see a narrative glorifying open degeneracy in our contemporary culture we often barely notice. Recently the streaming service Netflix outdid itself.

It was the last days of June when I had completed a day’s work, I turned on Netflix and I decided to see what the top films are in the country. The #6 film in the country that day, June 28th 2020, was a film called “Love” by Gasper Noe. This is the second film made by Gasper Noe I became aware of, after his first film “Into the Void” in 2011 became well known for its heavily psychedelic drug inspired story line. I had seen that film, and for an art film I thought it was alright, so when I saw this new movie of his, “Love” I thought that I would check it out. Within the first five minutes I couldn’t believe what this film was. This film was essentially hard core pornography masquerading as high art. In the first five minutes of the film, lovers masturbate each other to completion in an extremely graphic way. Later in the film we are treated to close up scenes of ejaculate flowing forth from a male appendage, in extreme pornographic scenes certainly worthy of PornHub, instead of a mainstream streaming media platform that is regularly accessed by millions of underage users.

If this isn’t insane enough and harmful enough to our society in its promotion of degeneracy, we are not even permitted to discuss the issue openly. I was quickly banned for 30 days from Facebook for explaining the same thing I have here, with redacted images with opaque black circles over the X-Rated parts, yet was summarily banned for “nudity”. I think the true “sin” for which the leftist “Community Standards” Cognizant subcontracted censors at Facebook saw fit to ban me was not “nudity,” since there effectively was none, but instead for having the nerve to call out this latest push for cultural marxism. It is undoubtedly that Facebook is inherently leftist and works with other Big Tech monopolies to widely push cultural marxism on the wider culture, something they have consistently participated in themselves in their alliance with leftism.

I find that many people are unaware that “Cultural Marxism” and “Degenerate Culture” are effectively synonymous, and is pushed by many leftist forces in our contemporary society. Once one perceives this agenda in those terms it highlights its motives and methodology, and one thenceforth sees it frequently throughout contemporary culture. From academia to mass media, to big tech, these degenerate narratives have become all too common place. If a parent were to want to shield their children from this psychological toxicity it would be nearly a full-time job, since it is coming towards them from all sides. It should be noted that this author is not the most puritanically moral person and has seen some wild degeneracy in his life, and considers himself to have fairly thick skin to these psychological narratives. Yet the extreme nature of Gasper Noe’s “Love” on Netflix, was shocking and concerning to me. Both the American people on a societal level, and families on an interpersonal level must start to consider, very seriously, what harms can be inflicted by exposing young children to hardcore pornography disguised as stylish high “art”. Even for strictly adults, exposure to such materials can have a deleterious effect on one’s psychological and spiritual well-being, but the impact it can potentially inflict on children who are exposed to it will be far worse.

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