April 22, 2021

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Nick Cannon Calls White People Savages

In a video with over 1.5 million views, Nick Cannon espoused anti-White views related to melanin in the skin. According to Nick, the amount of melanin that a person has is correlated to a person’s power, compassion, and soul. He even mentioned his “soul brother” Louis Farrakhan, the leader of extremist group The Nation of Islam. Nick apparently believes that peoples who migrated to the Caucasus Mountains lost their melanin from lack of sun, and thus lost their compassion. Evidently this explains why White people everywhere can only act out of evil, as savages that are closer to animals. Hence White’s propensity to rob, steal, rape, and kill. At least here in the United States, none of these claims are supported by statistical data or common sense.

Such a theory may cause one to wonder that if melanin leads to compassion, how could one commit such an attack against the elderly as this?


Certainly men full of compassion don’t violently strike women…oh wait.


Where is the mutual compassion shown to each other in Chicago, where black on black crime is rampant?

And if whites are such violent savages that rely on robbery, theft, rape and murder, then why do blacks who make up only 13% of the U.S. population account for over 50% of most violent crimes, including homicide?

In addition to displaying zero knowledge of the actual data, there seems to be complete ignorance on Nick’s part of Caucasus Mountain culture. Are the people of Ossetia barbaric, and lacking in culture? Judge for yourself. Or what about the country of Georgia, which like Ossetia is predominantly Orthodox Christian? Orthodoxy certainly extoles compassion, and frowns upon robbery, rape, and murder.


This wasn’t the first honorable mention of Louis Farrakhan this week, as he was also mentioned by DeShaun Jackson. Which is interesting. With so much focus on Melanin and skin color, it seems that many commonalities and opposition to the secular oligarchs are being ignored. If Nick Cannon and his “soul brothers” took an unbiased view of the traditional cultures of the Caucasus Mountains, they might be shocked to find traditionalist allies. If they look hard enough, they might even find some here, even among the Melanin deficient.


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