April 22, 2021

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For Peace and Order

If one were to sit down and attempt to write the script for 2020, I doubt any of us would have come up with something as wild as reality. The year started kind of crazy, but not that much of a stretch. Democrats were up to their usual tricks, attempting to impeach the President. It wasn’t that surprising considering that they had been plotting and hinting at this since before President Donald Trump even took office. It seemed like partisan politics as usual; then the Chinese Virus happened. Suddenly most of the country was subject to mandatory stay at home orders. Millions of Americans lost their jobs, schools were closed, and Church services cancelled. Lives were radically disrupted in the name of health, and our economy suffered possibly irreparable damage. In the beginning we were notoriously discouraged from buying and wearing masks. At some point those guidelines suddenly changed, and masks became mandatory. Very rapidly they became symbols of how compassionate a person is, morphing into a symbol of the far-left “progressive” religion and its alleged virtues.


The very essence of human life, the spiritual life, was restricted. The Progressive Left has been itching to turn faith & religion, primarily the Christian faith, into a private affair relegated to the confines of Americans’ homes. Thanks to the paranoia surrounding COVID 19, they were able to achieve just that while keeping Churches closed for months. Many Churches offered livestream services, denying the faithful the opportunity to receive the body & blood of Christ as they became accustomed to the internet Church. When restrictions were relaxed, Churches in most places still have not reopened to full capacity. People are often required to register ahead of time to reserve spots! Those who miss out either don’t participate in the Liturgy, or watch on the screen. The Orthodox Church considers all humans to be Icons of Christ, having been created in the Image of God. Yet now, if one is fortunate enough to make the list to attend Church anywhere, they are more often than not required to wear a mask. The face, the Icon of Christ, is covered. Despite these precautions, Church goers are derided as endangering people by their risky gatherings. 


For millennia, a central activity for human bonding has been gathering for food and drink. Restaurants and bars were unanimously deemed too dangerous to remain open, while large department stores are free to pack the aisle. Liquor stores remained open everywhere! Drink not with your friends, rather drink alone depressed in your home. Likewise bars and restaurants eventually reopened as well, but suffer from many of the same restrictions as Churches. The ancient practice of breaking bread face to face with others must now be conducted after much planning and inconvenience. No more coffee hour after Church, no large groups in restaurants. All the while being forced to dehumanize each other by covering our faces; the very activities that foment the brotherhood of man face continued disruption.


At a time when most of us couldn’t gather to worship, and the only acceptable public activity was to go grocery shopping, the bureaucrats made it quite clear what we were allowed to do. The sacred secular tradition of “hooking up” was endorsed by the infamous Dr. Fauci, as he suggested people may still meet their Tinder matches for intimate encounters. Certainly one wouldn’t want a mask to get in the way of anything during that. Then on May 25th George Floyd overdosed while in police custody, sparking organized riots in most major U.S. cities. Social distancing and mask exemptions were granted for these activities. Rest easy, we have been assured by the experts that the protests are not linked to COVID 19. Bars and restaurants are totally extremely dangerous, and totally linked to the surging cases. Perhaps we’ll have to innovate a manner in which to eat and drink with masks on. Can you guess what the most dangerous activity of all is? Going to Church of course.


Actual science hardly matters at this point, considering the mixed messaging from officials on the virus itself and its spread. The Progressive Left has turned the masks into its own religious symbol. Of course when you’re engaging in activity that is rebelling against the established order, such as rioting or fornicating, it shouldn’t be worn. For the mask is a symbol of submission to the Progressive and Marxist powers. If you don’t wear a mask, they will say that you don’t care about the lives of those around you. Yet the rules are not applied logically or consistently. God forbid you get caught in public without one, you might get screamed at and recorded on social media as they lecture you. Most certainly your face, which is considered by traditional Christians to be an Icon of Christ, must be covered during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Don’t you dare sing to the Lord. Mass protests aren’t a risk, but receiving Holy Communion by the tongue is, and so is Holy Water. The enemies of Christ are leveraging COVID-19 to dehumanize us, and destroy our faith. Enough is enough.

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