April 22, 2021

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For Peace and Order

Many people in the West seem unaware that the 20th Century was one of great suffering and persecution for Christians, more severe than any point in Christian history. Shockingly, people in America have embraced Marxist ideology – either knowingly or unknowingly. Yet it was the Marxist movement, the Bolshevik revolution, that ushered in 70 years of anti-Church governance in Russia. Aside from the countless murders of Christians, other attacks against Christians persisted. Monasteries and Cathedrals were closed, and Church valuables were confiscated to “feed the poor.” Priests were deprived of voting rights, and the promotion of Christian beliefs was not allowed. By the end of the 1930s there were over 100,000 “convictions” linked to the Church. The violent persecutions were finally relaxed in the 1950s, but until the late 80s openly practicing your faith and attending the Divine Liturgy would be a career killer. The Christians in Russia at that time, had no historical precedence from which to understand what was happening or how to deal with it, but given Karl Marx’s views on religion as a tool to satiate the exploited working class that is of no use when man is finally “free to govern their own lives”, the actions of the revolutionaries towards Christians should come as no surprise. The leader of the revolution in Russia, Vladimir Lenin, referred to worshipping God as “ideological necrophilia.” Yes, there was a brief civil war following the Revolution in Russia, led by the “White Russians.” Unfortunately, they were loosely organized and ideologically divided. Their efforts were too little, too late. The Christians and loyal subjects of the Tsar had no historical precedent to fully understand the evil force that was upon them, nor did they know how to respond and prepare for it. Here in the United States, traditionalist Christians’ way of life is under siege from the anti-Christian left. Fortunately, Christians of the United States have historical lessons to learn from, and there may still be time to avoid the naive mistakes of the past. At some point it could become clear that traditionalist Christians can no longer legally live out their faith. When that becomes clear and evident, Christians should territorially separate from such an oppressive state. 


Presumably, in the United States, Americans’ rights to live out their faith, which includes expressing opinions rooted in their faith, is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. Let us review the first amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” But who needs the official government institutions to infringe upon those rights, when corporate employers and big tech censorship can? Many are sounding the warnings of a coming “soft totalitarianism”, but it is already here! What’s next is the real thing. We’re already at the point in which dissent on issues of class, gender, or religion are not tolerated. If you publicly express a “politically incorrect” opinion, you will more than likely lose your job and livelihood. As Rod Dreher points out in a recent article on the coming terror that totally isn’t here yet, CEO of Mozilla, Brenden Eich was forced to resign for donating to pro-life and pro-family causes. Even the Department of Justice is flooded with anti-Christian bias, that believes that there should be no protection for those who express support for traditional sexual ethics. Newsflash, if you hold Christian values you’re a bigot. And even if you adjust your “Christian” values to appease the modern sensibilities they will eventually come for you too. Being friendly and accepting didn’t stop St. John’s Episcopal Church in DC from getting burned. While there is not currently any legal definition of hate speech in the United States, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are happy to enforce their understanding of it. Try explaining the Orthodox Christian position on gay marriage in a post on either site and see what happens to your account. 


Speaking of burning churches, dozens of churches across the United States have been burned or vandalized. Additionally, religious statues have also been toppled.  Black lives matter activist, Shaun King, has even called for the removal of Statues of Christ, since they are symbols of “White Supremacy.”  Catholics have been violently attacked while praying besides religious statues. These events have hardly had any mainstream coverage in the media. At what point does the very act of attending church become an act of “racism” that’s punishable by violence? Certainly, such intimidation tactics are meant to keep the faithful afraid and at home. 


Fearful at home, what else could accomplish that? What an odd coincidence the violent destruction of churches and religious symbols occurred almost immediately preceding the most severe restriction of religious worship in American History. For nearly 90 days after the initial “shutdown” in March, most of the country’s religious gatherings were effectively banned. Religious leaders who held services defiantly were arrested. As the rest of the country began to open up and lighten restrictions, Churches did reopen as well. They are still heavily restricted, most required to remain under a certain percentage of legal capacity and wear masks. California, which is often a trendsetter in progressive policies, has banned singing at religious gatherings. If obeyed, that would all but end the practice of Orthodox Divine Liturgy, considering that nearly the entire service is sung. The grand irony of it all, as the very same “movement” that has led to the destruction of churches gathers by the thousands in the streets. The churches, which were largely obedient to distancing and mask measures are blamed for the rise in COVID-19 infections. 


This leaves American Christians with some decisions to make, especially those who hold true to the ancient tenants of the faith. As our freedoms to live and espouse our beliefs are stripped away by corporate overlords and tech oligarchs, our religious sites are violently attacked, and our ability to congregate severely limited, do we sit back in humble submission to evil and hope that it gets better? Traditionalist Christians in America have an advantage that those in early 20th century Russia did not have. We have the lessons of history, and every clear and blatant warning of what is coming. This gives us time to organize and prepare. As Christians, our default position must always be to obey the civil authorities, and thus we must not seek to overthrow valid states. Revolutionary sedition is by no means Christian. However, when confronted with an atheist government that seeks our destruction, it is our duty to preserve our way of life. The radical left that seeks this is making monumental gains in power within the vehicle of the Democratic Party. Should the atheist left succeed, the traditionalist right must stand ready. Time is of the essence, and it isn’t exactly clear how much time is left. We must organize and build institutions. We might even consider consolidation geographically, and digitally. Critical mass works best when strategically applied by locale. There are no clear and obvious solutions, but it is clear that Christian traditionalists will not be welcome in the new revolutionary America. 

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