August 2, 2021

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For Peace and Order

The conservative in America is in a strange position. On paper things appear as if they’d be better. A Republican President, Conservative appointees in the Supreme Court. We are heading into an election with a Presidential incumbent going up against a candidate that appears to be suffering from severe mental decline. Yet the reality is the culture has not shifted to the right in any meaningful sense, and many institutions are still controlled by the left. Marxist revolutionaries are rioting in our streets, and have been able to accomplish more policy change than the Republicans did with 2 years of control in the House and the Senate. As Black Lives Matter began demanding for the defunding of police months ago, nearly half of the police departments in the Country have already seen reduced funding. Republicans in The Senate even expressed a desire to appease the Marxist Mob by proposing some police reform bills, evidently with the support of President Trump. Despite the majority of Americans now opposing Black Lives Matter, they remain silent because the corporations that employ them are staunch supporters. Even the ones who have been looted by them!  Major League Baseball even paid homage to their new Marxist puppet masters.  It should be no surprise that homicide rates have skyrocketed. Even with a second term from President Trump, if the Republican Party, presumably the “conservatives”, don’t offer a strong alternative & contrast to the new Marxist revolution, they will keep losing. 

Conservative Inc. has spent at least the past 8 years peddling a “socialism sucks” campaign via TPUSA against campus Marxism. Meanwhile, mainstream conservatism has completely given up on cultural issues, going so far as to promoting homosexuality as a conservative value. When former LGBTQ activists, who protested don’t ask don’t tell by chaining themselves to the White House Fence, are welcomed into the “Conservative movement,” the distinction between conservative and liberal is almost meaningless. No wonder young people find strong ideological movements such as Marxism appealing. The Republican Party offers them nothing but weak economic opposition to a vague idea of “socialism.” They can’t even seem to get themselves to actually describe the horrors of 20th century Communism, perhaps because that would force them to acknowledge the martyrdom of real Christians who would scoff at their surrender in the culture wars. 

Conservative Inc. and the Republican establishment are quick to cave under pressure from the left. As soon as the left criticizes a conservative for committing wrongthink, the republicans rush to disavow. They often rely on the opinions of highly partisan organizations such as the SPLC, ADL, and Right Wing Watch. Even the Trump Administration succumbed to the Democrat mob in the House that demanded the firing of Merritt Corrigan for expressing her traditional Christians sexual ethics on Twitter. Nearly every speaker at America First PAC, was for one reason or another banned from CPAC. When confronted on their hypocrisy and lack of actual conservatism, they resort to the same cowardly tactics that the left uses. Even Sebastian Gorka called on big tech to censor Nick Fuentes for asking too many hard questions. It is almost as if the mainstream right is retaliating against anyone with an out of the box idea to address problems at their core. 

Mainstream conservatives, and most especially the Republican Party, are doing their best to keep offering the same bland plan and hoping it sticks against the passionate Marxist left. Low taxes, responsible spending, smaller government, and immigration as long as it is legal. Of course they will change their tune when the party boss President Trump does, such as when he endorsed an Immigration moratorium after the COVID 19 pandemic. Suddenly the likes of Charlie Kirk, who smeared Nick Fuentes for holding the same positions, became an ardent opponent of the H1B visa program. This is obvious self-preservation; an attempt to maintain relevance. President Trump’s vague Nationalism aside, Libertarian ideology has also infected the Republican Party mindset. Concepts such as free trade and small government have done real damage to the country, replacing millions of American jobs with cheap labor either via domestic replacement or offshoring. It has also read to the lax non enforcement of immigration laws for decades. It is obvious that the main thing that these “conservatives” want to conserve is Capital. They want man to serve Capital, rather than Capital be at the service of man. 

What we are stuck with now is a “Conservative” party, the Republicans, whose primary interest is preserving their own elites at the expense of the common good. This is why groups such as TPUSA attack socialism, but give their badge of approval to the LGBTQ agenda, even hiring them as spokespersons. It is also why anyone who does offer solutions which could help the culture, but potentially hurt the bottom line, are strongly disavowed and “cancelled” by the same Conservatives who constantly complain about “cancel culture.” When they do present ideas, they are weak libertarian ideas of small government and low taxes. The conservative movement in American will keep losing so long as they continue to be marginal, throwing sincere Conservatives under the bus. In order to destroy the Marxist & Progressive ideologies, they must attack them with their own strong ideology. It isn’t necessary to create right wing utopian ideas out of thin air, to compete with another of the same. The 20th century showed how that plays out. The truth has always been there in plain sight. The conservative movement in America must embrace Tradition. Confront the Marxist, Anarchist, and Progressive with an unwavering dedication to eternal and absolute truth. Not a truth that is continuously modified to appease polite society.

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