May 8, 2021

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Weak men are ruled by their passions.

Feminism is essentially a subversion of both masculine and feminine instincts, with women as the arbiter of change. Ultimately the goal of feminism is androgyny, and the breaking down of all distinctions. Women like Margaret Fuller in the 1800s began a movement, attacking the idea that “men are the head, and women are the heart.” Margaret Fuller called for a more compassionate society – ironically seeking this through convincing people that it is a good idea to encourage women, who are naturally compassionate caretakers and homemakers, to be more like men.

Most people early on rejected feminism – including women – as they saw that it would primarily remove the heart from the household and weaken the mind of society. The majority of women in the 20th century even opposed women’s suffrage. Most sane people realized that it would only introduce subversive tactics by politicians to reach the aim of greater economic power over the people.

But over time, the persistence of that Snake led women to eat the apple of feminism. It grew as a movement over the course of 50 years and women became more rebellious. Cigarette ads were targeted to women, telling them that men hate it when women smoke, so the cigarettes were “freedom sticks” to shove it in the face of men. “Suffragettes” were edgy and fashionable. Slouching became a fashion statement, as women “rebelled” against men by purposely acting less proper.

Feminists seek to “feminize” men, essentially meaning they use lust and manipulation to bring men to submission. The end goal is not clear to most women, but the result is a power struggle reminiscent to Marxism. Masculine instincts are labelled as “hateful,” even if it is intended for the protection of innocence. Exploitation becomes love, as “equality” is used as a term for the destruction of all distinction, between Man and Woman, between Black and White, between Heaven and Hell, and between the Family and the State. As women go into the workforce, children are sent to schools and are trained in progressive dogmas.

And so ultimately, through feminism, women become a powerful tool for control. After women’s suffrage, they were targeted by political campaigns instead of men – with subversive tactics to use women’s natural instinct for compassion and kindness against their own people, and in Spite of their men. White American women were the arbiters and ground soldiers of the sexual revolution of the 60’s, the black nationalist movements of the 80’s, and now they are propagandized in support of mass immigration and open borders, far-leftist anti-white violence, the LGBT movement, and the slaughtering of their own babies. As any sane and moral man knows, these are all actually ways of manipulating people into further enslavement and degradation, but speaking against such things means being seen as “the bad guy” by women, so weaker men will either support the cause or keep their mouths shut in hopes that women will still have sex with them. Only those who choose truth over comfort speak against these feminizing movements, and fewer and fewer do so as our society drifts further from God, and virtue becomes more rare and difficult to find.

Of course, there are men who actually support “progressive” and “equitable” causes, but they have been brainwashed just as much as the women in the early 20th century were. People are so inundated with propaganda nowadays that everything that was once considered taboo by society is now taken as a normality. Feminism has fully become a staple in Western culture. Most people take it as a dogma of morality to believe that women should be working men’s jobs. Questioning such a thing is heresy in the modern religion of progressivism. It necessitates a certain lack of awareness of one’s own exploitation to fit in with the norm. Realizing that women fit better as caretakers and mothers, that their bodies are not made for the same kind of strenuous labor as men, that both sexes would be happier in a traditional family structure, valuing chastity, and compassionately seeking to restore the dignity of the sexes, is ultimately seen as an evil motive, and ostracizes one from his surroundings. In order to be liked by society, and by girls, one must either lose this awareness or secretly hold his beliefs. Otherwise even his job and livelihood could be on the line.

We must be strong and pray. We must quell our passions and not give into temptations of lust or despair. We must scorn the opinions of women and weak men. We must re-establish the patriarchy, beginning in our own homes, in order to restore a sense of order and peace in our society.

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