August 2, 2021

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This is what an actual lady looks like.

The world has fallen victim to a plague, and no it is not Covid-19. Feminism has been poisoning the brains of young women and girls since the late 19th century. The wickedness of the principles of said social movement affect society as a whole. It goes without saying, it attacks and seeks to destroy the Natural Law.

A quick search on the internet will reveal numerous memes about modern young women compared to young women from 100 years ago. The stereotype of modern girl is that of an “influencer wanna be”, who has a YouTube channel and OnlyFans, parties every weekend, gets drunk, posts suggestive photos on Instagram, supports feminism, labels herself an anti-fascist, and thinks the concept of God and morals is just “obsolete.” Meanwhile, the young woman of 100 years ago had a big family, was married at 18, a prolific housewife and mother, goes through financial hardships and doesn’t do anything indecorous to overcome them, believes in and relies on God.

This downfall of women is not something random. It is the work of social engineering. The target were women first, then men. Just like it happened in Genesis, when Eve was tempted by the snake, she fell first and then made Adam fall. Neither men nor women seem to realize this has been the tactic of the enemies of God since the beginning of times to destroy the family and the social structure provided by God.

Modern females are constantly tempted by things like “your body, your choice”, “equal rights”, “equal pay”, etc, and they do not discern how fragile they become when they have no male to guide and protect them from said threats. To be clear, I do not advocate for women to be guided by insensitive men. But one thing leads to the other, degenerate females raise “pseudo” men, “pseudo” men raise degenerate girls, and the vicious cycle goes on and on.

There is only one way out of this: returning to tradition. Men should start to behave like they are supposed to, and ignore (yes, as extremist as it can sound) modernist women who are just thirty for attention online and up for all sorts of degeneracy. A woman that is not afraid of God’s judgment, and does not embrace her female qualities (giving life, nurturing, caring, etc) is not worth any time. If men reasoned this, and ignored fallen women, things would be back to normal in about one generation, or maybe even less, if we are lucky. 

Last but not least, ladies, feminism does not empower you nor does it seek to. It is the most anti-woman movement from all times, that only seeks to destroy what us women were created to be: mothers, caregivers, and nurturers.

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