August 1, 2021

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Gretchen Whitmer’s Role In A Biden Cabinet

The Michigan State Capitol is the building that houses the legislative branch of the government of the U.S. state of Michigan. It is in the portion of the state capital of Lansing which lies in Ingham County.

When Gretchen Whitmer traveled to Delaware to meet with Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, many Michiganders were alarmed.  Michiganders who are not leftwing democrats know the politics of Whitmer all too well.  She has been making terrible decisions for a long time, but her handling of the Coronavirus epidemic has been featured by Tucker Carlson for how insane and draconian it is.

Tucker explained how mediocre people such as Mrs. Whitmer love authoritarian control the most. He points out how she will resort to characterizing any opposition as “racist” and “misogynistic”, and anyone who opposes her as a “bigot”.  It is this kind of garbage that Michigan residents have had no choice but to tolerate from this democrat, but now the situation might have just gotten worse for the whole country.  Mrs. Whitmer has instituted mandatory mask wearing, and forbade residents from visiting their own properties in other parts of the state.  We can reasonably fear that she could institute the same draconian measures on the whole country if given enough power in the Biden cabinet, as Biden has stated intention to implement such nationwide policies.

Fortunately for America, the Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden has not selected Whitmer for his Vice President role, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the end.  Since she was flown out to Delaware to meet with the Biden campaign, we can only believe that she is still being considered for another key cabinet position.  We could have almost sighed in relief that she won’t be slid into the presidency, which is likely what will happen when they say “sorry America, President Biden has dementia and needs to be with family”.  Yet now we have to contend with the possibility of a Harris presidency, which very well might be even worse than the Obama Presidency was, if we can even imagine that.

It has become even more imperative than it was before that we get Donald Trump re-elected if we are not to see America slide further into the abyss.  It is easy to find faults with President Trump, but even the worst of them will likely pale in comparison to the faults of Biden and then Harris.  If that Is not frightening enough, we now have to worry about the havoc that Gretchen Whitmer will inflict if she is put in a key Biden cabinet position.

Gretchen Whitmer is currently national co-chair of Biden’s campaign so it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that the reason for her visit to Delaware involved more than informing her she will not be the VP pick.  It is very likely that it was discussed that she will fill another key cabinet role in a Biden administration, but as of the writing of this article in early August 2020 that exact position is still unclear.

Since Mrs. Whitmer will not be the Vice President it is a minor relief that we can be sure she will not be the one back-doored into the presidency when Biden’s health is announced as failing, something that seems very likely.  However, Whitmer could easily be Secretary of the Interior, Commerce, or Labor, or Health and Human Services.  Granted these cabinet positions are not considered very important to most Americans however having a politician like Whitmer in one of these positions can yield troubling results.

Most Americans will be relieved to know there is essentially no chance of a President Whitmer. Given her handling of the Coronavirus pandemic response in Michigan, we should be concerned about the trouble she could cause if Joe Biden were to decide to have her take the role of Secretary of Health and Human Services.  I don’t really feel much better about the prospect of a Harris presidency than a Whitmer presidency, but patriotic Americans can still hold out hope that Trump retains the presidency and that prospect is not something we have to endure.

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