May 8, 2021

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Elon Musk Implants Neuralink into Pigs

Yesterday, Elon Musk’s Neuralink team held an event in which they unveiled the progress of their ongoing project to implant computer chips into people’s brains.

The device is a coin-sized disk, probably about 3/8″ thick, which is supposed to be implanted on the top of your skull. They created a surgical machine which cuts open your scalp, removes part of your skull, and installs neuralink in the place of the disk removed from your head, so that it is flush with the skull. Then it superglues your scalp back onto your skull.

Elon Musk’s intention with this device is to “solve important brain and spine problems,” and included a list of things he seeks to cure, from blindness to anxiety and depression.

The testing was done on pigs, as their brain structure is supposed to be similar to that of a human’s. The first pig they showed was one who had the implant and later had it removed. The second was a pig with the device implanted in its skull. They showed, through a computer, how the device could sense neural spiking as the pig was given food. The third pig had two implants put into it. Both pigs with neuralink were said to have had the implant for three months.

In the Q and A session, there was talk of medical application, but as the questions went on it became more about expansion of mental capability and “upgrading” human consciousness. They went on to talk about gaming application, saving memories, and AI symbiosis. Elon Musk wants people to have an “AI extension of themselves,” and for the future of the world to be “controlled by the combined will of the people of the earth.”

When asked of the origin of consciousness, Elon expressed Darwinian evolutionary beliefs, that the “universe started out as sparks and electrons,” that the origin of consciousness was that “after a long time, hydrogen became sentient, and became more complex.”

Elon’s team of atheists may be well-intentioned, but ultimately seek to bring us one step further from our natural state of being. In the old testament, purity laws were prescribed to the Hebrews, as a way to keep God’s creation in its distinctive form. Not mixing garments, not yoking a mule with an oxen, all of the laws of Deuteronomy were a symbol of God’s order of the universe. When we begin to mix things that are otherwise distinct from each other, creation begins to lose its integrity.

Elon’s reasoning is a “species survival” tactic. He sees AI as a threat to humanity, that we must “merge consciousness” in order to not be seen as a “housepet” by the AI that we are creating.

But with the innovation of a machine that can be used to manipulate your own emotions, what he is seeking is for man to destroy his own soul. Depression and anxiety are natural states which remind us of our need for repentance. Without spiritual pain, and with the promises of life extension through technology, their vision is of a future without faith.

God, save us.

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