August 2, 2021

Saints Edward Media

For Peace and Order

Far Left Website Smears SaintsEdwardMedia.Com As A White Supremacist And QAnon Site

Why would you bend this thing?

On September 15th, far left website described this publication as “…reactionary traditionalist outlet promoting White Supremacy, Christian Orthodoxy, QAnon, and ‘America First.’” 


The lying press.



A cursory exploration of this site would reveal that Saints Edward Media has never published any article that even mentions Q Anon, or any article arguing for the Supremacy of the White race. This would make the first article in which Q Anon has ever been mentioned. Nor do any of our staff or contributors follow the theory or movement. However, one of our writers was in fact considering writing an article critical of the “movement.”  

The main purpose of appears to be primarily to characterize the GOP, and other Conservatives as a threat to Jews. The obvious progressive bias is clear, especially when the website description is viewed in tandem with IRS forms. 

Yes….That is Nick Fuentes in one of the tabs. Reeeeeeeeeee


Drumpf Man bad.
 is a project of a far left progressive organization called, Bend The Arc: Jewish Action & Jews Against White Nationalism. It is in fact a progressive fundraising organization, that distributes its funds to far left progressive candidates, such as Katie Hill who was photographed committing lewd acts with staffers. 

Katie Hill is a sexual degenerate.



Most likely the most damning piece of information, the head of the board, is Alex Soros, son of George Soros. George Soros is known for funding various far left causes through his organization, The Open Society Foundation. Perhaps most notably, he is a top contributor to the domestic terror Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter. The Open Society Foundation is also a top contributor to Progressives for The American Way, which runs the smear machine, Right Wing Watch. 

Alex Soros…..who dat?


Not afraid to side with Antifa.


Evidently the Soro’s family is terrified of guys like me. Financially destitute white males, who happen to be Traditional Christians with laptops. 




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