August 2, 2021

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The ADL is A Highly Partisan Smear Machine

There are many anomalies on this Earth, such as why cats never walk off one of the four corners of the World, or why myths like the existence of Australia continue to exist. Another such example of absurdity beyond explanation is the Republican Party in the United States, which, while claiming to be the “Conservative” party, always persists in pushing left at but a slightly slower pace than Democrats. However, on occasion they do stumble into doing something right, especially when they become existentially threatened by the left. In August of this year, the Republican National Convention published a resolution declaring the Southern Poverty Law Center to be a heavily partisan group, that should not be relied upon as authoritative in declaring a group or individual as guilty of “hate speech,” or other various condemnations. This seemed to get very little coverage in the media, but is a huge move for the Republican party, who many of its figures have used as a guide for their disavowals and cancelling of young up-and-coming conservatives as well, such as Nick Fuentes. When Bobby Schilling moved to fire yours truly, it was thanks in large part to what the SPLC had to say about Fuentes, and pressure from Alex Soros’ lead, Bend The Arc. Yet there is more work to be done against the partisan smear machine at large. The Anti-Defamation League is equally if not more partisan than the SPLC, and is used as a bludgeon against Traditionalist Christians and Nationalists.  

A small but revealing booklet, entitled ‘Defamation Factor: The Sordid History of the Anti-Defamation League,’ will make you second guess any of the ADL’s claims. The author, Kaiter Enless, starts the booklet by telling the morbid founding story of the ADL. To summarize, in 1913, a Jewish man named Leo Frank raped and murdered a young girl named Mary Phagan. There was a preponderance of evidence to support his guilt, but the Jewish-American fraternal order, B’nai B’rith, claimed that the accusation was false and based solely on anti-Jewish bias. Their pressure and lobbying got Leo Frank off the hook, despite the preponderance of evidence. The towns folk were rightfully upset, and took justice into their own hands. This event was used as a pretext to form the Anti-Defamation League. Ever since, the actions of the Anti-Defamation League have been questionable. In the 80s’ they were caught running cover for an Israeli spy operation on the United States, with Johnathan Pollard. Later, a few gentlemen named Roy Bullock and Tom Gerard would be involved in a massive spying effort against American citizens. They were caught red handed by California Attorney General, Arlo Smith. Yet all charges were dropped, and Arlo’s political career happened to get destroyed soon afterward. I wonder what happened. 

The ADL progressed past merely defending criminals because they are of a certain ethnicity, and moved into the business of attacking free speech, especially from ideas that they don’t like. The partisan bias has taken an overtly obvious progressive and far left liberal turn. While some of the content and figures attacked by the ADL perhaps are more on the extreme side, they devote more attention and effort into silencing Traditionalists, Christians, and Nationalists. They have done so in the past with figures such as Lyndon LaRouche, and Pat Robertson. They do the same today to figures such as Dr. E. Michael Jones, and Vincent James of the Red Elephants. Neither of these people attack anyone for their ethnicity, which Dr. Jones goes to great lengths to explain and clarify. None of that is ever good enough. When the ADL identifies someone as practicing hate speech, or espousing Anti-Semiticsm, tech companies such as YouTube will generally rely on this information to censor or ban their channels. These folks will then move to “censorship” free alternatives, such as BitChute. What is the ADL’s answer to this? They attack the new platforms as a “safe harbor for hate speech,” and coincidentally Twitter temporarily blocked tweets with links to BitChute.

This all really makes you wonder, what exactly is the ADL and why are they considered credible? An organization that defends rapists and murderers on account of their ethnicity alone in complete opposition to a preponderance of evidence, spies on the United States for a foreign country, and spies and keeps records on American citizens, should raise more eyebrows than it has. Additionally this organization is used as a credible source to justify the censorship of Traditional Christians, and anti-Globalists. It would seem as though Republicans who mustered up the courage to take on the SPLC lack the same courage to do the same against the Anti-Defamation League because of the ethnicity and or religion that they claim allegiance to protecting. Yet, if the future of the Conservative movement is moving in a more Nationalist and populist direction, it will continue to be at odds with the ADL. If the Republican Party is to remain relevant at all, Republican leaders must at the very least make a statement similar to the one made about the SPLC, denouncing the ADL for its partisan bias and hypocrisy. Otherwise, young conservatives who are filtered out of the GOP by this strange allegiance will build a true conservative movement separate from the Republican Party. Perhaps that would be best after all. 



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