August 2, 2021

Saints Edward Media

For Peace and Order

Don’t Become the Bogeyman the Left Wants You to Be

Silence is golden.

The apostle James said “Be swift to listen, slow to anger and slow to speak.” While it is tempting to argue with leftists, often carefully thought out words will bounce right off of their ears and leave both parties frustrated. When this happens too often, the temptation is to give up on speaking truth in love, and instead resort to irony and sarcasm.

While this can be a fun and easy way to prevail over an argument, it also reinforces the leftist narrative that conservatives are crass and calloused people who don’t care about others. The Christian right has no excuse or room for insincerity. We are seen by others are incarnations of an idea, of our faith and philosophy, and every word we say will affect the heart of our listener.

It is important most of all the retain the Spirit of Peace in everything we do. Examine yourself as you speak to others and when you feel that your words are empty and that you are beginning to get worked up, and try to keep a still tranquility in your manner of being. This has more to do with how a conversation will go than how perfectly you may think that you have crafted an argument or whether or not what you end up saying is even perfectly logical. Ultimately when you are talking to someone who disagrees with you, you should be looking for ways you can agree with them and use that as a foundation for real conversation. Shouting matches only worsen the divide.

It is up to you to be the bigger man. Communists do not have to play fair in debate, but the whole of our worldview as Christians is one based in personal morality such as temperance, chastity, humility, honesty, patience, and love. When we fail to live up to these standards, we have lost the ground on which we stand. The communist, who does not need to be moral, will always show us where we have failed and use it against us.

The Christian path has always been to suffer – and the more pure one’s faith is, the more they will suffer in the world. But our cross is to be pure in heart and sincere with others, even in the face of complete lunacy. We must allow ourselves to feel pain. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against Powers and Principalities. We need to realize that the real struggle is not political but an inward struggle for repentance. When we are mocked and derided by those who hate truth, we should know that we are not the first in history to endure this. The struggle is not to win arguments, but to love our enemies.

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