August 2, 2021

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Joe Biden Wants to Mandate Transgender Propaganda to American Children

As we approach tomorrow’s election, some still find themselves undecided between President Trump and Joseph R. Biden. Indeed, Trump’s many accomplishments do seem like a distant memory at this point. Between the global paranoia surrounding COVID-19, and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, it is easy to forget some of the issues that will have very real impacts on the lives of Americans, and our children. Yes, the contents on Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal an unthinkable level of corruption in the Biden family. And as other articles published here have rightly pointed out, voting for a pro-Abortion candidate such as Joe Biden is simply anti-Christian. But that isn’t the only reason. For years, Drag Queens have been turning up in public spaces such as libraries to read “story hour” to children. LGBTQ acceptance has been pushed by nearly every major U.S. Corporation. You may be forgiven if you are turned off by President Trump’s crass attitude and “obnoxious” tweets, but Joe Biden and the entire Democrat Party, want to mandate LGBTQ brainwashing upon your children via the “Equality Act.” 

No this isn’t fake news. Buried beneath the COVID coverage and even the laptop scandal lurks Joe Biden’s public commitment to pass the deceptively named “Equality Act” within 100 days of taking office. The Equality Act pretends to to simply be protecting people from discrimination based on sexual identity or gender identity, by adding these as protected classes in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This is why if you oppose the bill, you’re a bigot! Right? But is it really that simple? What does this bill actually do? In fact, it would require schools to promote and affirm the left’s radical sexual ideologies towards the students. It even affects private schools, because no longer could a “Catholic school” base hiring decisions upon a person’s religious beliefs. Similar restrictions would be applied to Churches, and can conceivably apply to Clergy. Disagreement with the sexual orientation and gender ideology teaching will be criminalized as discriminatory speech.  Parents who are horrified when their 8 year old comes home from school, suddenly wishing to transition to the opposite sex, will be bigots and forced to comply with their 8 year olds wishes!   In most of these cases, your child will not have been confused about such things until they were taught to be so at school. 

Who will do this teaching? Well it certainly won’t be moderate groups with an interest in preserving Christian Traditional values. Likely it will be groups like Planned Parenthood contributing further as they already do in many places to “sex education,” in which most states allow parental Op Out. That will change with the Equality Act. One group that has helped lead the charge with the indoctrination of school children is “A Queer Endeavor.” Ironically they receive funding from a group called, “Twisted Foundation.”  The following is A Queer Endeavor’s mission statement: 

“Aiming toward creating schools that are safer and more affirming of LGBTQ+ and gender-expansive youth, A Queer Endeavor seeks partnerships with educators and school communities to make ‘unworkable’ the silence that historically has surrounded topics of gender and sexual diversity in education.

A Queer Endeavor seeks to grow the knowledge base on gender and sexual diversity-affirming policies and practices in education, inform research and praxis, and engage in broad-based coalition building with a variety of community-based stakeholders.”  Note of that line, “gender-expansive youth.” The “What We Do” tab is even more revealing. These people are just here to help us learn. “Our goal is to support educators, school and district leaders, and parents and families learn about gender and sexual diversity and LGBTQ+-inclusive practices and locate entry points for taking action in their own unique contexts.

To create school cultures that are ‘safe’ [as in, not dangerous] and affirming of gender and sexual diversity, we believe in going beyond anti-bullying measures. We bring attention to school policy, climate, curriculum, and social and cultural norms and practices. While our focus is on gender and sexual diversity, our commitments extend to issues of equity more broadly. Working toward liberation requires always looking through an intersectional lens and questioning how our practices reinforce harmful norms along lines of race, class, language, and other identifiers and their intersections. We are committed to doing that work.”  Let’s translate this. They want to affect our cultural norms by inserting their indoctrination into school curriculums, without regard for the religious or moral objection from parents.

The ‘Equality Act Act’ isn’t a bill that is going away. Even if President Trump wins his re-election, the Democrats will have this on the shelf waiting. Even so, far left radicals have already infiltrated the public school system and are teaching your children. The School Boards are also filled with radical left wing activists. Do everything within your power to homeschool your children. As made clear by the “Equality Act,” private schools may only be a safe haven for so long. It might be difficult to break from the system, but it can be done. Homeschooling groups with like minded Christians can be formed, and the teaching responsibilities may be shared by the parents, thus requiring less off time during the week. Of course this isn’t feasible for everyone, nor are expensive private schools. That is why as Traditionalist Christians it is our duty to prioritize replacing radical leftist on the School Board, with ourselves. We must also replace the teachers! 

The stakes during tomorrow’s elections are clear. The “Equality Act” has the potential to make life for Christians in this country absolute hell, and is the biggest reason to vote for President Donald Trump. No matter what your opinion on Trump is, the choice is clear. You can vote for the candidate who will mandate that your children are taught the virtues of homosexuality and transgenderism and to hate traditional Christian teachings, or you can vote for President Trump who supports Religious Freedom and opposes this tyrannical bill. To preserve our way of life as Christians we must vote for President Trump and other “conservatives” who are imperfect but will at least protect our religious freedom. We must do everything we can to protect our children from radical leftist indoctrination. Homeschool your children if possible. Put them in Traditionalist Private schools if you can afford it. And if you can, replace the radical leftist teachers and school board members. The days of complacency are over. We must take the fight to the left ourselves, and stop hoping others will do it. After this, if you don’t take an active role in civic life as a Christian, you’re crazy!




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