August 2, 2021

Saints Edward Media

For Peace and Order

On Various Left Wing Smears

When I decided years ago to start putting myself out there with my podcast, I already understood the polarized political climate that I was entering. I knew that I’d be called vicious names by political opponents seeking to discredit my views. I was prepared for that, and frankly, it doesn’t bother me. Most of the time, I simply ignore them or make light of them. Those making these smears don’t warrant my attention. However, I have become aware that some well meaning Orthodox brothers and sisters have taken some of these smears seriously. 

Many may find this somewhat surprising: before I became Orthodox I was a socialist. It was my new found faith in Orthodox Christianity that shifted my worldview — especially in relation to hierarchy. By 2018, I made the decision to start putting my new reactionary and traditionalist opinions out in the public sphere. I started with YouTube, and In 2019 I began a podcast called Hearth & Fire. This eventually led to an interest in electoral Conservative politics. After interviewing Lauren Witzke, I was moved by her story and her passion for politics. I got my foot in the door by volunteering as her team leader for Trump Victory in Iowa, and I quickly found myself on a Congressional campaign for Bobby Schilling. Controversy ensued after I invited Nick Fuentes, a polarizing figure, to speak at a non-Campaign event. To be clear, while I do think Nick has made inflammatory jokes that I personally wouldn’t make, I do not believe the left wing smears against him. I also believe that he has a lot of good conservative contributions to make to public discourse. I then went on to manage Lauren Witzke’s fiery U.S. Senate campaign. Smears against me were amplified in an effort to discredit Lauren Witzke. 

The most vicious and perhaps damaging slander I received is that I am an Anti-Semite. This charge originated with my association with Nick Fuentes. Nick was branded as a “holocaust denier” because of a joke that he read from a super chat that seemed to be questioning the 6 million number. Probably not the best joke, but this doesn’t make him tantamount to being a holocaust denier. Yes, he attended the Charlottesville Rally, most of the attendees were normal people protesting the removal of the Confederate Statues, there were some extreme demonstrators there, but it was the media’s appetite for controversy that branded it as some kind of Neo-Nazi rally. The other event used against me is my interview of Jewish convert to Orthodoxy, Michael Witcoff. He is known as Brother Augustine on YouTube. Much of what I said was taken grossly out of context, and I certainly never advocated for establishing a Monarchy for the purpose of expelling Jews. Now, what do I believe about Jews? I do believe that those who have not accepted Christ, do seem to display a very vicious anti-Christ sentiment. I believe and pray that they all convert to Orthodoxy and accept Christ as Lord. Politically speaking, I believe that Israel’s influence over our foreign policy is too much. That position has little to do with their ethnicity, and would apply to any nation attempting to dictate our military expenditures. I am an isolationist. If these things make me an “Anti-Semite”, then so be it. None of these labels have much real meaning outside their use as slurs. 

I am also frequently labelled a White Nationalist or White Supremacist. This most likely stems from my hardline positions on Immigration. I believe in strong borders, and an immigration policy that is fair to American citizens. These beliefs are not rooted in hatred of other races. I have never espoused any ideology that teaches the superiority of the white race, or advocated for a white ethnostate. I do however vehemently disagree with Critical Race Theory, and the “systematic racism” narrative. My beliefs are fully Orthodox. While group differences are real, all are created in the Image of God and as such share in the same human dignity. 

Finally, another common charge is that I adhere to the political theory of fascism. I have remained consistently critical of fascism in both my essays and on my podcast. However, I suppose my reasons for opposing it aren’t to the left’s satisfaction, mainly that I oppose it because it is still a secular system attempting to create a utopia without God. It is accurate to say that I am a Monarchist. More accurately, I am a Byzantine idealist. I believe in symphonia between the Temporal State and the Orthodox Church. At the same time, I am not a subversive. As a Christian, I believe it’s my duty to pursue the common good within the system that we have, which is our American Republic. I have pursued that, and sacrificed much for it. 

What it really comes down to is this, I am a Traditionalist Christian in politics. The enemies of God would see to it that my reputation be destroyed and pressure people to disassociate from me. Thankfully, the credibility of most of the outlets and left wing figures that have made these claims is nearly gone. I have more offers on the table to run more conservative campaigns. My show and my website are continuing to grow exponentially. If God wills it, we will succeed in normalizing Traditional Christian values again in our political discourse. God Bless you all. 

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