August 2, 2021

Saints Edward Media

For Peace and Order

Few people — even those who’ve been sounding the alarms for years — could’ve predicted the accelerated pace at which our country is rushing into insanity. From the obvious fraud, the media cover ups, the cowardly politicians, to the DC Protests and sightseeing adventure of the U.S. Capitol. The 74 million supporters of President Trump are rightfully angry and upset at the politicians on both sides of the aisle who work to defend the interest of the globalist elites and mega-corporations. Many feel betrayed by the Republicans, who returned to their true form after riding the MAGA train to re-election, only to betray the President and collude with the establishment that always felt threatened by any sort of populist uprising. On January 6th, something remarkable happened. Fear was put into all of their hearts, they trembled and hid on the floor before fleeing like the cowards that they are, unwilling to face their constituents face to face. The reaction from the elites has been swift. Like a rabid animal backed into a corner, afraid, but fighting for its life, they have doubled down. In massive coordination they’ve silenced the President, labeled his supporters as extremists, and purged all opposition that makes them feel threatened from social media platforms. Who threatens them? Well any sort of dissident really, from Populists, Traditional Christians, Nationalists, Racialists, to even the wrong kind of leftists! Even Red Scare, a popular communist podcast, was banned from Twitter shortly after President Trump was. As Traditionalist Christians, whether you’ve expressed support for President Trump or not, you will also more than likely be labeled as a radical and domestic threat as well. You are a threat to the globalist elite’s agenda, who wish to establish their own new ethic as they conduct their great reset. Fortunately for now, the attention and anger is directed at more obvious political threats, namely, Trump supporters. Christians still have a chance, but we must act quickly to organize in real life, building communities, and living intentionally within close proximity to each other. The internet is no longer a viable option or network of support. 

To the extent that it isn’t already, Christianity will be outlawed by proxy. It isn’t likely that the government will explicitly ban Christianity. What is more likely is that they will play lip service to your “constitutional” right to practice your faith, while at the same time punishing you for publicly expressing Christian views. While Trump supporters are the targeted currently, losing their jobs for attending a peaceful protest, most likely having zero idea what would happen at the Capitol, many have been fired for expressing Christian views on same-sex marriage and transgenderism. One attendee to the MAGA rally was doxxed by her own 18 year old child. Tell me that doesn’t remind you of the Soviet Union or some other insane dystopia. It isn’t that far of a stretch to imagine minors and even younger children being used to tattle on their parents in school for dissident activities. 

And while most enforcement of the elites’ “new ethic” will be via the corporations, the government will play a role as well. Joe Biden has pledged to pass the so-called “Equality Act” within his first hundred days. They will use this bill of law to mandate LGBTQ propaganda to your children in school, force gender transitions against your will, and crush Churches and other religious institutions with their “anti-discrimination” policy. Certainly it won’t stop there. We have already borne witness through the COVID-19 feardemic just how quickly and easily the authorities can shut down Churches in the name of public safety. It’s a bio-threat now, but soon they’ll most likely use “domestic terror” as an excuse, considering that 74 million+ Trump supporters are now considered terrorists. 

Political views and opinions are already enough to label someone a domestic terrorist in the eyes of the media and groupthink mob, but the legal proclamation appears to be very imminent. Congress is set with a Democrat majority to deem MAGA rallies as Domestic Terror activities. Expressing Traditional Christian values, such as explaining the Orthodox view of marriage, is enough to get you a suspension on Facebook or Twitter. Given the evidently powerful role that these tech companies have in influencing our government, it seems unlikely that our views won’t be considered illegal “hate speech.” You might be allowed to be Christian, but you’ll have to keep your beliefs to yourself lest you get on a watch list — or maybe even a no-fly list. It’s also no coincidence that the new administration is seeking to re-establish something like the Patriot Act, while at the same time labeling Trump supporters as a domestic terror threat. Kiss your privacy goodbye, the government will use this label as an excuse to spy on you, control your freedom of movement, and even freeze your assets. 

We can’t rely on using the internet to organize or spread our ideas.  Corporations and employers will enforce anti-Christian ethics with the threat of unemployment and the withdrawal of essential services. The government will enforce laws that are blatantly in opposition to your faith. What is there to be done about this? The answer is localism. For those of us Traditionalist and Orthodox Christians, this will require immediate relocation and effort. Focusing on affecting the local governance won’t be effective when you have no collective strength. That means that we must congregate in compact geographical regions. We must have our own local towns, in which we can influence the local authorities if not become them. Ideally, we should do this in areas where the local populace shares core values with our own, and we must win them over. They should understand that we take refuge with them because we like them and share their values. We must build and leverage the local infrastructure in a way that gives us self sufficiency independent of the federal government and mega-corporations. Even better if we can leverage an asset that makes them dependent on us in some way. Of course, once we have basic infrastructure and community in place, we can set up a system of self-defense in cooperation with the local authorities. This is a “Benedict Option” of sorts, but with a little bit of muscle. It is either this or we live in a Dystopian nightmare or gulag. 

Several communities like this are already in the accelerated planning stages. If you’re an Orthodox Christian and would like to be included in receiving some information on these initiatives, give us an email. Unless you’re Rod Dreher, we don’t want Rod Dreher. 

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