August 2, 2021

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Career woman viewing an objective life form because she wants it to be one.

Science is full of interesting little contradictions. At one point, it was scientific fact that the world was the center of the universe. There was also a time where calling the Earth anything BUT flat was heretical thinking. Even the Piltdown Skull that was so crucial to evolution theory at it’s discovery turned out to be a hoax. Now, science says that when a human being is born is when they are alive. But in this contradictory field, is it really the beginning of life or the perspective shown to us by popular media?

According to the popular pro-abortion side of medicine, the answer is yes. Many states accept late term abortions, and many sources in media from the news to soap operas depict abortion as a normal decision at multiple stages in pregnancy. In fact, thanks to the undercover footage published by Live Action, many abortion clinics make exceptions to finish an abortion even after a baby is delivered and the first attempt to abort is unsuccessful. Many late term abortion clinics harvest fetal organs to be used later in hospitals on the grounds of the child “never being alive” in the first place. Whether a fetus is a few days old or a few days away from birth, it seems that this side of science does not believe in life at conception or really in the sanctity of life in general. That being said, while it is the most vocal, this is not the only side of science on this issue.

Though it is very normal in today’s society, Invitro Fertilization was a highly experimental and very dangerous idea 25 years ago. The idea of harvesting eggs from a mother, sperm from a father, and then implanting the resulting embryos back within the mother to grow was possibly the most radical idea heard of in the medical field at the time. The procedures were dangerous and highly experimental; death was a common risk for these procedures. That being said, these embryos were (and still are) seen as possible human lives from the second they are “mixed.” One might say from the second of conception.

It is a little known fact that embryos at 8 cells big that have not been implanted yet can move on their own, react to light and sound, and find food for itself as it grows. Parents can watch their embryos under microscopes. Reacting to the environment, growing, adapting, processing energy, at only 8 cells big in a petrie dish. These embryos have the scientific properties of living things. They are growing and interacting in the same way as an 8 cell embryo in the womb and no different from the single cell that they stem from with the same properties. The only difference is that one can be seen directly under a microscope and the other is inside a female body.
Once again, we see science contradicting itself. An embryo in a petrie dish is alive, but when it is growing inside a body, it is suddenly a choice. This embryo is not considered a child, but rather a decision, an inconvenience in life.

What makes the difference is the perspective looking at science and the perspective of science looking at the world. A couple trying to have children for years and finally getting pregnant with medical help is considered honorable and a sign of great strength in the couple’s life. In this case, science is a good thing and pro-life. In contrast, a woman who does not want children and aborts her baby is revered with honor and strength in her life choices in secular society. In this case, science is considered a good thing and pro-abortion. This contradictory behavior is because the scientific world has built a reputation as being the answer to everything in secular society. It is the answer to a couple looking to start a family and has been glorified in the media as a cure for the pregnancy “disease”. At this point, science has backed itself into a corner of pleasing everyone to such an extent that it stands for nothing. There is no clear answer science can give on a subject as controversial as when life starts because everyone wants a different answer. It stands for accepting everything and therefore stands for nothing. Thus, we have conflict in the media and widespread anger over the choice of children and not the understanding that this is not a choice.

While the perspective of pro-life science is wildly unpopular, it does exist. As long as the media has such a large hand in this controversy, there will always be conflict. The facts, however hidden, remain. Whether a child’s life begins in the womb or in a controlled environment, it is not a question of fact but it a question of media perspective. Until this perspective can be brought back to fact, it will remain a controversy in society.



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