August 2, 2021

Saints Edward Media

For Peace and Order

Book Club

Welcome to the greatest book club in the world. We are in fact just a book club, but if we weren’t we would be an advocacy organization for the interest of Traditionalist Christians in America and Western Europe. We would accomplish this by intelligent activism, petitioning law makers, and influencing elections with candidates of our own. We might also strategize for the preservation of our Traditionalist way of life, and seek to build communities around our customs and precepts. But alas, we are just a book club. 

If you agree with the following 25 Points, you might be a good fit to join: 

  1. We seek to preserve our right to worship freely and to live out our faith as we see fit. 
  2. We demand free expression of our Christian beliefs, free from retribution even in the “private sphere.” In other words, you cannot fire us for expressing traditional views. 
  3. We seek to restore the Traditional definition of marriage. 
  4. We petition the civil authorities to incentivize marriage and family. 
  5. We seek to limit immigration into our Country until a Traditional Christian Culture has been restored. When that is accomplished, those who wish to participate & conform may seek admittance. 
  6. We seek to ban the murder of unborn children. 
  7. We oppose meddling in the affairs of foreign nations and oppose regime change wars. 
  8. Foreign aid should be redirected for domestic use. 
  9. We believe in a persons’ inherent right to self defense with the best available technology. 
  10. There are only two biological sexes, male and female. These are not to be confused with gender, which is strictly a category of language that should not be applied to persons.
  11. One may not change their biological sex. 
  12. Public institutions shall not be indoctrination centers for ideologies that do not align with Traditional Christianity, especially schools. 
  13. We support the creation of more monasteries. They are the lifeblood of the Church. 
  14. We seek to plant more Traditional Churches in rural America. 
  15. Ban Porn. 
  16. Ban Usury. 
  17. We support shifting to a Non-Fiat system of currency. 
  18. We recognize the failures of multiculturalism while at the same time acknowledging that all humans are created in the image of God. 
  19. We will build strong Traditional Christian communities. 
  20. We reject & oppose all ideologies hostile to Traditional Christianity, “secular” or religious. 
  21. We oppose degeneracy & encourage Traditional morality. 
  22. Historical Christian governments are to be revered & studied, not ridiculed and demeaned. 
  23. Lying journalists are criminals. 
  24. We affirm the Classical Christian metaphysical worldview. 
  25. All should come to Christ! 

If this all sounds good to you, we have a great reading selection for you! Email to join today.