Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

This website exists to provide information about services and products from Saints Edward Media.

This site is public in nature, but we reserve the right to block access to it under certain circumstances, namely:

  • Use of software to scrape or otherwise automatically access pages.
  • High traffic volume from a single source.
  • Utilizing the site's services (User Area, Cart, Checkout, Search) for certain purposes.

If you wish to automatically collect information about our products, please contact us. We allow most search engine spiders, but reserve the right to block them in part or completely from our site for any reason. If you are using spidering / scraping software and have been blocked, you may contact us to appeal it.

'Certain Purposes' above, for which utilizing the site's services can be revoked, would be one or more of the following:

  • Attempting to access or otherwise break into someone else's information or data stored on our servers.
  • Attempting to use the site's services to commit any crime.
  • In general using the site's services for anything but purchasing/returning products, reading about offered services and products, and contacting us.

If your access to the site has been revoked from a particular location, you may contact us to appeal it.

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